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We've been known to do anything and everything to make your trial run as seamless as possible.

We understand the demands that the trial environment brings. Our people like to be part of the team. When internet access isn't available in the courtroom, we have often made a last minute dash with revised documents and/or demonstratives, on a flash drive, to ensure a seamless presentation. We've been asked to provide 24 hr. warroom support for those attorneys that like to work when everyone else isn't. Let us know what you need and we'll help make it happen!

Trial   Services


Everything we do is designed around one premise. Deliver the content in the most seamless manner in court. Being prepared goes a long way in achieving this, but it's really in leveraging the technology that allows our technicians to be leaders in rapid evidence/demonstrative retrieval and presentation.

Prep Sessions

We work with attorneys and witnesses to help prepare them for their day in court. We'll review outlines and graphics so everything runs smoothly. In order to make expert witnesses more comfortable, some attorneys prefer to run full scale practice sessions that simulate the workings and technologies that occur in the courtroom. All of this can happen while the trial is underway during the day.

Deposition Designations

Preparing depositions for use in trial is an exacting task which requires a close interworking relationship with paralegals and associates. Among other helpful information, we'll deliver designation reports to let you know how much time is being consumed and which party is using how much.

Printing, Large Format

We can and will take care of any demonstrative printing needs you have for your matter. Need a board? We will find a vendor and format the contents making sure it makes it to court when called upon.

War Room / Courtroom Equipment

We work with the nation's leading equipment vendors specializing in the litigation technology arena. We'll make all the necessary arrangements for the war room and courtroom so you won't have to.