All of our services are provided from conceptualization through delivery

We never stop consulting, our trial technicians are often the biggest key member of the team. Many of the nations top litigators realize that our people have delivered hundreds of matters themselves, making their observations key to the outlook on how things are proceeding.

Mocks,  Hearings,  Arbitrations,  Trials  and  more . . .


Our design approach is to get the story right before we start spending time and money on design. We created a unique brainstorming process to get input from all members of the team and reconcile differences in real time. The brainstorm process is then translated into visuals by the same people who conducted the brainstorm. Nothing is lost in the translation, there is no large team to keep busy. This founding premise has been proven, time and again.


It might seem simple, but there is a lot that goes into collecting the best evidence possible. We will aid in everything, from having all of the evidence scanned, to bates numbering, and exhibit stamping the documents electronically. Organizing and processing documents for things like rotation and skew are key to providing the best display possible.


In todays larger litigations, depositions are typically recorded by video. We routinely take delivery of all of this video and synchronize it to the transcript, if not already provided. We have developed routines to help speed this process and provide greater organization for presentation at trial.

Graphics Production

We have a team approach internally for the production of demonstratives. Your contact will take care of squaring away the necessary resources to complete any deliverables on time, no matter how crazy it may sound at the time!


Our people started as presentation experts at one of the world's largest litigation support firms. We have been providing all of our services for over 20 years with one goal in mind...
"Aid attorneys in delivering the best presentation possible!"