We have been Supporting Large Litigation matters for over 2 decades. Many of the most well known litigators rely on us to present clear and convincing evidence.

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Data Set Comparison

Rather than using a typical bar chart, we used simple illustrations to show the relative difference between several related data sets. Each one has been precisely scaled to different sizes in order to represent the relative differences between complex agricultural data. This technical concept can then be conveyed in a much more interesting and memorable fashion.

Document Call-Out Illustrations

Showing the key text from important documents is a highly effective means of getting your message across to a judge or jury. By presenting this graphically, we can show important passages from different places in the same or across multiple documents.

Trial Testimony Demonstratives

Providing demonstratives for key pieces of trial testimony can be an effective tool for a persuasive closing argument. These types of illustrations are routinely put together on the eve of presentation by our trial technicians in warrooms across the country.


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Integrated Utilities Presentation

Powerpoint can be a very powerful tool in creating a detailed explanation of many points of information. In this example, Tangent used powerpoint to explain the restructuring of the energy market in the Mid-Atlantic region. By providing images and animations, a more clear, concise and memorable presentation can be achieved.

Binary Number Computation

In a patent case, an effective use of animation can be overlayed onto the relative figures of the patent. Working in conjunction with your expert witnesses, we can create graphic images and animations that help to simplify very complex and technical issues. This animated tutorial explains how a processor converts binary numbers into simple arithmetic.

Forensic SeaDoo Animation

Tangent utilized state of the art scanning technology on a SeaDoo watercraft. This 3D model was then imported into animation software and additional features were added. The experts provided data for fuel vapor accumulation. This data was used to visually represent in 3D the expert's findings. This was very helpful in educating a jury on a process that is normally invisible.