graphics development

Our approach is to only give the support you need. The actual people working with the team are hands on with the graphics development.

This allows us to remove all the unnecessary back and forth between project/case managers. Just removing this step will drastically reduce the cost for producing demonstratives for your matter. Our people have been creating demonstratives for over 20 years and keep their skills tuned to the latest softwares and capabilities.

Need help visualizing a complex issue?

Maybe its an infringement issue involving computer networks or a complex insurance coverage case. We have been coming up with thematic approaches to these situations for years. These fundamentals will provide an impactful representation that will stick in the mind of judge and jury.

What's the best way to show something invisible?

Our support of the forensic marketplace has allowed us to develop techniques to show what is otherwise not discernable. Maybe its how packets of information flow along a network or vapors building in the basement of a commercial office space. We'll develop an approach that will allow this information to be more easily understood.

Graphics are only as good as they are presented!

You spent a significant effort into creating top notch demonstratives, but it's irrelevant if you dont have the best people involved to deliver them. Whether it's a large format board or an interactive and animated demonstrative, we have the history to recommend and present the best uses of multiple media required in todays litigation.